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25′ Diaby makes a good run down the left and beats Ballack. He centers it inside the box to Van Persie, but he slips and can’t get his shot off. The pitch doesn’t look like it’s in the best shape.

Blowing up Arsenal’s young squad — as some pundits and fans have screamed over the last day or so — isn’t the answer. What they need is a couple of older players who have been there before to help them get over and move on from difficult defeats like the Manchester United match, get through the rough patch during the League season and find another gear when they feel they’ve hit the highest peak possible.

For the 2012/13 season, Nike has made away shirts for Atletico in two shades of gray (not 50; just 2). The shades are horizontally striped on the shirt and has red details to go along with them.

On the pitch Barrie McDermott and Terry O'Connor liked nothing better than tearing into the opposition. They may have hung up their boots but that competitive streak still runs strong and we have found a way to channel their energies...Each week they will preview the live Super League games and give their predictions for the rest of action - and we'll keep track of who's called the most matches right!

, though never in the Premier League, had been building towards it for years before they got the 2002 crown.? Aside from a couple of relegations since the 2002/2003 campaign, they have asserted themselves as a Premier League identity, quickly coming back up the 2 years they have been back in the Championship.

International press conferences at the best of times tend to be mundane, by the numbers affairs filled with platitudes by the key figures within the national side. Not much changes when it comes to conferences prior to qualifiers, or even the finals itself, but within the words always lies a common train of thought: There are few, if any greater honours in football than representing your country at the World Cup.

47: GOOOAALLLLLL!!!! FUCK!!!! Fabregas scores for Arsenal, EVDS comes out to stop Adebayor, Sagna does excellent work to whip it in, EVDS out of position and its Rio on the goal line, can’t stop Fab.

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